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Sleep Healthier and Wake-up Happy with the Pillow!
Sleep Healthier and Wake-up Happy with the Pillow!

Sleep Healthier and Wake-up Happy with the Pillow!

The Pillow is the most advanced sleeping technology:

Orthopedic and Anatomic - Back & Neck Pain Relief!
The Vertebral Column and the Neck rest horizontally straight.

Improves the Head Circulation!
With the neck straight, the head circulation is much better.

Helps you to Breath Better!
With the neck straight, the respiratory system is better opened, improving your breathing.

Anti-Snoring: Reduces the Snoring!
With the respiratory system better opened, it reduces the snoring.

Anti-Apnea: Reduces the Apnoea!
By reducing the snoring, the cessation of breathing from the apnea, will be reduced.

Anti-Insomnia: Reduces Insomnia!
Reducing the Snoring and the Apnoea, the Insomnia will, also, be reduced.

Improves the Quality of your Sleep!
By reducing the Snoring, the Apnea and the Insomnia, you will sleep much better.

Anti-Ageing: Sleeping with Quality, gives you more Health and Happiness!

This Pillow is recommended by the best specialists in Sleep Apnoea, Snoring, Orthopaedics and Pathological Ageing. Because, it enables you to sleep with the Spinal Column completely straight and with the respiratory system totally opened, and it does not matter if you sleep on the back (with the belly upwards) or turned towards the right-hand side or the left.

Did you ever notice that if you live in average sixty years of age, to sleep Twisted due to a pillow, under your head during more than twenty years, it will cause a permanent deformation in your spine that will increase during all your life?

The Pillow wan the Silver Medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2008
The Pillow wan the Silver Medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2008

To sleep represents one third of your life and the quality of your sleep influences directly your mental and physiological health. After four years of Scientific Research we have invented a new Anatomical and Orthopedic Pillow to also relief the snoring and apnea.

We have concluded that while sleeping on your back, or with your belly up, you don’t need pillows under your head. You only need them, when you sleep turned to your left side, or to your right side. This Cushion is already Patented, by us, Worldwide, with the objective to help and teach Humans in how to sleep correctly.

Our Pillow: with the belly up, nothing under your head...
Our Pillow: with the belly up, nothing under your head...
Our Pillow: when sleeping to your right or left sides!
Our Pillow: when sleeping to your right or left sides!

Our Pillows are recommended for everybody (Children, Adults, Aged Persons, Patients) and, also, for persons with the Common Sleep Apnea and Normal Snoring Problems. With these Pillows, when you sleep on your back, you really haven’t "anything" under your head, only when you turn to your right or left sides. Pillows are, also, recommended for persons with Very Serious Snoring and Sleep Apnea Problems. Our models have no thickness under your head when sleeping on your back, except when sleeping on your right or left sides. But, in addition, they come with a NECK SUPPORT that forces the opening of your respiratory system: obliging your neck to be a little upwards above the level of your head and body, exactly like Medical Doctors do in First Aid to open the respiratory system of a patient.

By the way... you even can adjust the Height of our Pillow, just to better satisfy your needs.

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La Mode est Communication!
Anti Apnea and Anti Snoring Cushions, Anatomical Orthopedic Pillows by
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